The W5-GSTR is a 4-door sedan featured in Gangstar Vegas and Gangstar New Orleans.

It's the fastest sedan of the game (along with the Eunomia and Kearsarge LS), it complete with the Eunomia but they both beat the Kearsarge LS with a better acceleration and higher top speed.

The overall shape of the car ressemble to a Mercedes-Benz CLS-Class with a little hint from a Ford Taurus and a Mercedes-Benz E-Class

It appear to be the successor of the W4C from Gangstar: Miami Vindication, Urban Crime and Gangstar Rio: City of Saints.

It Spawns In Many Areas:

1.Downtown Areas.

2.Village, Suburban & Rich Areas.

3.Appears In Many Storyline Missions (Appears As An Gang Car For Veliano Mafias).

4.Appears As An NPC Racers In Street Race Side Missions.


  • Eunomia (Police version, used by the LVPD as their primary vehicle)
  • Taxi (Taxi version, used by anyone) (share it's engine sound with the Peccary and Tawny instead of the sound used by the W5-GSTR, Eunomia and The Daupin).



Front (Gangstar New Orleans)

  • The W5-GSTR appear to be the succesor of the W4C from the previous games, since the "W" and the following number hint this.
  • In Gangstar New Orleans, it's appearence is slighty modified, the rear end is rearlifted (or remade).
  • License plate read "PHU0042".
  • The Veliano Mafia seem to use this car as their gang vehicle along the Mikmak and the Hi Roller.
  • The W4C (Gangstar Rio Version) & W5-GSTR Are The Only Vehicles Based On Mercedes-Benz CLS-Class.
  • The engine sound seem to be a V8 in Gangstar Vegas if you stop and idle the car.
  • In Gangstar New Orleans the engine sound complety different and sound more like a I4 rather than a V8 from the previous game.
  • The W5-GSTR, Mikmak, Hi-Roller, Peccary, Bullhead, Tawny & Scundrel Are The Gang Vehicles In Gangstar Vegas.
  • The Gallopino & W5-GSTR Are The Only Cars In Gangstar Series With An Different Engine Sounds Used In Other Gangstar Games & Own Variants.

Rear (Gangstar New Orleans)

. •The Gallopino's Engine Sound Is V12 (In Gangstar Rio) & V8 In (Gangstar Vegas & Gangstar New Orleans).

•The W5-GSTR's Engine Sound Is V8 (Used In Police Version, Eunomia, The Dauphin, Gangstar Vegas), V6/I4 Engine Sound (In Taxi, Peccary, Tawny & Gangstar New Orleans).

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