1. The wanted-level determines how and with which ways law enforcers will chase and try to stop you after causing a crime.

Types and causes for wanted levels

1 Star


  • Fire a weapon in public
  • Damaging a vehicle with a weapon or fists
  • Attacking a civilian
  • Killing a civilian
  • Attacking a law enforcer
  • Hitting a driven police cruiser with weapons or with a car

Police Reaction

  • Police will Arrive At Jason’s Current Location in Eunomias And Guardians. (cops can also arrive with police motorbikes sometimes)
  • Officers will Attack you with fists.
  • When hit by a Jason with a gun, officers will make use of guns too.
  • Police boats will shoot At you.

2 Stars


  • Killing a law enforcer
  • Killing more civilians
  • Destroying police cars
  • Having a 1 Star wanted level for too long
  • Causing chaos

Police Reaction

  • Police arrives with Eunomias and sometimes with a Peltast
  • Officers shoot you with their equipped weapon

3 Star


  • Continuesely killing police officers
  • Having a 2 Star wanted level for too long
  • Causing chaos

Police Reaction

  • Police Arrives At Jason’s current Location with Eunomias, Peltasts and 1-3 Damocleses
  • Police shoots you
  • Light Barriers with 3-6 present police officers are being built up

4 Star


  • Causing more chaos
  • Killing more law enforcers

Police Reaction

  • Police comes with Peltasts, Ballistaes, Damocleses and up to 2 light army trucks
  • Police builds up light barriers

5 Star


  • Causing even more chaos
  • Making use of heavy weapons will make you gain such a wanted level quickly
  • Entering the Military Base

Police Reaction

  • Police/army Arrives At Jason’s current Location with bullet and rocket firing tanks, light military cars, 2-4 Bustards
  • The Military Will Chase The Player now.
  • Police builds up heavy, indestrucrible barriers.

Police equipment

Type Weapon Vehicle Appearance
Guard/Security Fists/None None

Casinos and Clubs

Cop 1 Handgun Patrol bike Everywhere
Cop 2 Handgun Guardian Desert, 1 star wanted level
Cop 3 Revolver Eunomia City
Cop 4 Police/Riot shotgun Peltast 2&3 Star wanted level
Cop 5 MP/SMG Ballistae/Eunomia 4 Star wanted level, barriers
Cop 6 Handgun Protheus Water areas
Cop 7 ???/Probably handgun Damocles 3&4 Star wanted level
Army 1 Heavy assault rifle/LMG/Tactical AR Light army truck 4&5 Star wanted level, barriers, military base
Army 2 ??? Bullet tank 5 Star wanted level
Army 3 ???/Possibly heavy assault rifle Missile tank 5 Star wanted level
Army 4 ???/Possibly heavy assault rifle Bustard 5 Star wanted level


1 Star:

New Vehicles: Patrol Bike, Guardian, Protheus

New Weapons: Handgun

2 Star:

New Vehicles: Eunomia, Peltast

New Weapons: Revolver, Riot Shotgun

3 Star:

New Vehicles: Damocles, Ballistae

New Weapons: MP/SMG

New Features: Light Road Block

4 Star:

NewVehicles: Taraturas

New Weapons: Heavy assault rifle/LMG/Tactical Rifle

New Features: Heavy Road Block

5 Star:

New Vehicles: Jackalope, Bustard, Iron Horse Tank

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