War For Territory
Name: War For Territory
Game: Gangstar Rio: City of Saints
Location: Fumo's Safehouse, Favela Candido
Target(s): Syndicate & Disciples Gang Members In BoomDance Club
Reward(s): 15,000 Cash
Unlocks: An Hex On My Ex
Unlocked by: Single Bullet Theory

War For Territory Is An Mission In Gangstar Rio: City of Saints, Given By Fumo To Angel.


Fumo As Talks To Angel (as Named Raul Again) As Going To BoomDance Club Quickly, The Syndicate & Disciples Gang Member Been Raided Him.


Fumo: "Angel! I'm Meaning Raul, The Syndicate & The Disciples! They Are Been An Truce".

Angel: "They All Ready Started!".

Fumo: "There In A Nightclub, Let's Go!".



  • This Is Only Mission In Gangstar Rio With Short Quotes.
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