Name: Wildback
Appearance(s): Gangstar Vegas
Gangstar: New Orleans
Vehicle type: 4-door Hot Rod Car (GV)
2-door Supercar (GNO)
Capacity: 4 people (GV)
2 people (GNO)

The Wildback is an Hot Rod Car In Gangstar Vegas & An Supercar In Gangstar New Orleans.


  • The Wildback is An Modified Hod Rod Car With An Bug Intake Engine On Front And Looks Like An Modified Version Of Its Sedan Counterpart, Peccary.
  • The Wildback In Gangstar New Orleans But Redesigned As An Supercar But Is Now Heavily Based On A McLaren 570GT With Design Influnces From 2020 McLaren GT.



  • Can't Purchased In A Shop In Gangstar Vegas For Obtaining The Silver VIP.
  • Seen On Rural & Downtown Areas.
  • Can't Obtained In a Shop/During Exclusive Events.


  • This Is First Hot-rod Car In Gangstar Series, Second Is Devil Dart XL.
  • The Kearsarge LS, Bearer & Wildback Are The Only Vehicles In Gangstar Series To Returning In GNO With An Different Design.
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