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Winston Goodman is the secondary antagonist in Gangstar Vegas. He is a mayoral candidate and is friends with Frank Veliano.

During one of Goodman's campaigns, Vera instructs Jason to destroy four of Goodman's posters with grenades to send him a message. Goodman's role is significantly larger in the second chapter, where Jason needs to steal a boat for him from a businessman. Later, he instructs Jason to take out some troublesome Union workers, participate in a charitable boat race for him, and protect one of his accountants that is conducting a deal using a Sniper Rifle.

In the fifth chapter, Karen manages to get ahold of some pictures that could destroy Goodman's campaign and Jason uses these to blackmail him into busting Frank. When Jason chases Winston's car, he is stopped by a police barricade and chases Winston Goodman around the Hoover Dam until Karen and E-Man trap him at the center of the Dam. Jason beats him up, and Goodman calls the FBI and tells them everything he knew about Frank, sending the authorities after him.

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