"You Are Dead" (called "YOU'RE DEAD!" in Gangstar: Crime City and "Injured" in the three-dimensional (3D) games) is the condition of the player character's health being completely depleted.

Ways of making it occur

  • Getting attacked/beaten up by an enemy or police officer
  • Getting hit and/or run over by a moving vehicle (i.e. cars, trucks, bikes, trains etc.)
  • Falling from a high point
  • The player throwing (a) grenade(s) and/or firing rockets on themself
  • Staying in a burning vehicle for too long
  • Standing on a fire for too long
  • Staying in a sinking vehicle for too long

Note: The "You Are Dead" condition only occurs if these actions are done to an extent that the player character's health depletes completely.


  • This element is similar to Wasted from the Grand Theft Auto  series, as both of them occur when the health bar is reduced to 0.
  • It is probably not present in Gangstar City.
  • In the three-dimensional (3D) games it is known as "Injured".
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